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Meet Our Team

Reena holi.png

Dr. Reena Sharma

Founder and President

Dr. Reena Sharma is a doctor by profession & the Playmaker-in-Chief of Gulal Foundation.
A vagabond at heart, she left India at an early age & has been gathering valuable life lessons by meeting highly positive people.Acquiring vast experience through her professional & personal life, it has nurtured her deep seated desire to establish an organization to promote efforts related to health, education, nourishment, wellness, empowerment & environment, through engagement & enrollment of community.
Her mother Dr. Rajni Sharma who is also the Vice President of the Organization has been a profound influence and is her role model. Dr. Reena Sharma is the brain behind Gulal Foundation and she continues to drive the team as   "High Impact Organization".

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give".


Dr. Rajni Sharma

Founder and Vice President

Dr. Rajni Sharma is the emotion of the Gulal Foundation. 

She is the Chief Inspiration and Fun Officer who is always inspiring us to "Pay it forward".

She has done undying work in society for four decades. Dr. Rajni Sharma is the backbone of the Gulal Foundation and continues encouraging everyone to give their best every day.

She actively participates in Gulal Foundation activities and is always cheering us on. Dr. Rajni Sharma has been encouraging us to keep pushing forward with the motto     

"Together we move forward!".


Dr. Vikas Dwivedi

General Secretary

Dr. Vikas Dwivedi is a doctor by profession. He is also a medical teacher and a public health expert, all rolled into one. He has been serving people since 2002 and has been working as a medical officer for the Madhya Pradesh government.

Dr. Vikas connects with Gulal Foundation to perform his duties towards public healthcare and education. Keeping in mind the Sustainable Development Goals in the world he aims to work towards poverty alleviation, maternal and child health, communicable, non-communicable diseases, and hunger.

“A sustainable world means working together to create prosperity for all."


Dr. Narendra Kavitake

Vice President

He is a doctor by profession &  driving force for Gulal Foundation in Western India.

Raised in a family with 30 years of social engineering experience, Dr. Narendra is actively involved in running an educational trust and a hospital for serving disadvantaged people at Natepute in Solapur District, Maharashtra.

His passion for social service lies mainly in education, environment, and healthcare.


"Keep your face to the sunshine & you will never see a shadow."

Dr Harwinder.png

Dr. Harwinder Singh Bhinder

Joint Secretary

Dr. Harwinder is a doctor by profession. He comes from a farming family which also organizes langar in the gurudwaras, feeding the community.  His family and belief system has taught him to help the community in the best way possible .

Dr Harwinder organizes food & health camps,  tree plantations, and adoption of neighbourhoods for cleanliness and public health awareness.

“Community is about doing something together, that makes belonging matter”

Dr Sarfaraz Alam.png

Dr. Sarafaraz Alam

Executive Member

Dr. Sarfaraz Alam is medical graduate from Russia who is a born artist . After practising for a year in India he decided to pursue his passion of Film making. He went on to graduate from New York film academy but first established himself a successful hotelier . A kind hearted man, he runs several social work platform and is also part of Bihar Foundation Goa chapter . 

He lives surrounded by the trees and nature and continuously organizes plantation drives.  

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once she/he grows up".


Abhishek Niranjan


Abhishek, youngest member of Team Gulal, comes from the rural part of India. His connect to the ground realities, functioning of various machineries running the country and his pragmatic approach makes him an important pillar of Gulal. 


He, a traveller by heart, shares a good taste in literature as well as in history & sometimes, writes as well. 


Education and Environment is his field of expertise. His spiritual and empathic nature is fuel to his motivation for doing his part for the community.


Vikram Singh Rathore

Executive Member

Vikram grew up in a supportive family who has a great sense of being there and helping each other. He is an engineer who has been involved with an international youth-run non-profit organisation for over three years & has been working  for leadership development and women empowerment.

This experience has instilled in him a resolute desire to practice and become a part of an activity that impacts society in a better way forward. He is passionate about education, children empowerment  & has actively participated in his neighborhood, helping them with their studies since the pandemic has made learning difficult from home.

"Someone is wishing for what you have today; please show kindness if you can."

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