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”Healing takes time, and asking for help is a courageous step.” Mariska Hargitay

Mental Wellness Camps

Location:  Various schools, Gurgaon

Globally, 20% of young people experience mental disorders. In India, only 7.3% of its 365 million youth report such problems. Majority of times, it remains underdiagnosed and undertreated. Signs of poor mental health are overlooked for several reasons, such as a lack of knowledge or awareness of mental health among health workers and also the stigma that prevent from seeking help. 

On one hand, adolescence is phase of tremendous growth in preparation of adults' roles and skills to sustain pressures and challenges, whereas on the other, it is transition phase that can increase risk of various psychological disorders, adjustment problems, and suicide.

Positive and promotive mental health in this period ensures a smooth progress to later adult life.

Child Empowerment Workshop

Location:  Various schools, Gurgaon

 Globally, 20% of young people experience mental disorders. In India, only 7.3% of its 365 

  • Transitioning from young children -young adult to contributing citizens of tomorrow, the journey starts from being Self-Confident,Self -Disciplined & well rounded personality.

  • Exploring independence students encounter challenging street & surrounding everyday & should be taught how to assess any risky situation & act accordingly.

  • Self defense develops warrior & fighter spirit in students along with improving student’s Physical Conditioning & Reflexes.

  • Self-defense has overall positive, motivational influence & impact on students lives. 

Engaging & Enrolling Community

Location:  Various schools, Gurgaon

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