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“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

- Mother Teresa.

community refrigerator-

Sab ka khaana

सब का खाना 



  • As per UN, estimated 931 million tonnes of food were wasted globally in 2019, enough to circle the Earth seven times & food wastage in India is about 68.7 million tonnes a year,accounting to approximately about 40 % of the food produced in India is wasted.


  • Reducing food waste would cut greenhouse gas emissions, slows the destruction of nature through land conversion and pollution, enhances the availability of food and thus reduces hunger and saves money at a time of global crisis. 

Gulal Foundation’s Community Refrigerator

“ Sab ka Khaana ”- “Food for All” ; Food Bank initiative works on a simple objective of reducing food wastage and providing them for the hungry, cutting across socio economic structure.

The community refrigerator is installed & managed Gulal Foundation outside their office. 

It is restocked daily & one of the easiest sources of getting nutritional, fresh and vegetarian  food.

Anyone can access this community refrigerator and pick up what is available to eat. This simple motto behind this is - 

"Please eat if you're hungry, OR donate if you have extra". 

We believe that the seed sown by a farmer should see its complete cycle rather than ending up in wastage.

 Share a piece of the bread you've got for yourself.


Things to know - 

  • Please keep it clean, it is for you.

  • We would like you to donate fresh food that is ready for consumption, including fruits, breads or cookies.


  • Please keep the door closed after use.

  • We are taking utmost care of it, for any feedback please let the team know.

Daily Fruits collection & Distribution

Location: Gulal Foundation, Gurgaon

Community Refrigerator-sab ka Khanna

Location: Gulal Foundation, Gurgaon

Daily food Collection & distribution

Location: Gulal Foundation, Gurgaon

Daily Snacks collection & Distribution

Location: Gulal Foundation, Gurgaon

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